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A Complete Security Management Company


Mamba Security endeavors to deliver a high standard of Security for our clients through physical presence of the best staff in the security business and the use of up-to-date technologies. At the same time, we are maintaining an extremely professional level to meet every security need tailored to their own specific needs.

With the motto of Integrity, Discipline and Reliability our "Security" team offers a multitude of various skills and services designed to provide the highest level of security to our clients. We do this by being highly flexible, meeting needs that others in the business are still yearning to comprehend.


Our security officers, who are a part of our unique community of "doers", are individuals who take great pride in being the backbone of Mamba Security: providing a service that is available round the clock and always reliable. Our partners feel much safer because they know that a Mamba Security Officer is stationed at their property on watch duty during their working hours. Working with such dedicated and trustworthy individuals truly allows us at Mamba Security to excel in this business!

Mamba Team

Meet our team

Harkrishan Singh
Harkrishan Singh Brar
Chief Operational Officer

An entrepreneur at heart, Harkrishan, aka Harry, has built his own IT company by assisting his clients in managing and growing the technical aspects of their businesses. Harry has high acumen toward technology and IT-related businesses. Harry is from a Military background and has seven years of Security industry experience with high profile technics.